Tomahawk 300 E-bike

The Utility Company is pleased to announce the next wave of electric bikes coming to New Zealand & Australia.

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Tomahawk 300 Cruiser

Two models are available, the Tomahawk 300 Cruiser and the Tomahawk 300 GTS.

Both models are equipped with quality accessories, hand welded frames, big 26" x 4" wheels making for an extremely comfortable ride and high powered Lithium Ion batteries giving great range and speed.

Seeing is believing - the best way to experience the bikes are to ride them, it feels like a motorbike with all the benefits of a push bike. No WOF, no licence required, easy to maintain and a very low cost to run with distance from 40kms to 80 kms (dependent upon terrain and weight of rider.)

Prices start from $3800 incl GST for the Cruiser with a 48v 12 Ah battery up to the GTS at $4,350.

Pedal assist is easily controlled with the use of the 9 speed electronic controller similar to Tiptronic in a car.

Either turn off the electrics and pedal as a normal bike and get the workout you want or dial in the amount of assistance you want and take the effort out of riding into a wind or ascending a hill.

Complete with a seven speed Shimano gear set and Tektro disc brakes front and rear, LED lights front and rear, and you have the knowledge you have a machine for all occasions that is safe to ride and go the distance.

The Tomahawk 300 - nothing comes close!


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  Tomahawk 300 Cruiser Tomahawk 300 GTS
Frame 6061 Aluminium alloy 6061 Aluminium alloy
Wheels 26" x 4" 26" x 4"
Battery Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Battery Power 48v 12 Ah 48v 20 Ah
Gear set Shimano 7 speed (44 tooth chain ring) Shimano 7 speed (46 tooth chain ring)
Pedal Assist 9 speed controller 9 speed controller
Brakes Tektro mechanical disc brakes front and rear Tektro hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
LED Lights Front and rear Front and rear
Range 40 - 80 kms
(Terrain & rider dependant)
60 - 100 kms
(Terrain & rider dependant)
Price (incl GST) from $3800.00 from $4350.00