Case Studies

The examples below illustrate savings for our clients across a wide range of industries.

Auckland Supermarket

Annual Electricity Cost$77,330
Annual Savings *$6,920
% Savings8.94%
* Including TUC Fees

Wellington Gymnasium

Annual Electricity Cost$28,086
Annual Savings *$12,518
% Savings44.57%
* Including TUC Fees

Waikato Dairy Farm

Annual Electricity Cost$34,782
Annual Savings *$1,333
% Savings3.83%
* Including TUC Fees

Canterbury Hotel

Annual Electricity Cost$163,730
Annual Savings *$16,159
% Savings9.86%
* Including TUC Fees

Otago Golf Club

Annual Electricity Cost$16,475
Annual Savings *$3,088
% Savings18.74%
* Including TUC Fees

Southland Dairy Farm

Annual Electricity Cost$30,391
Annual Savings *$3,460
% Savings11.38%
* Including TUC Fees

Savings will vary depending on industry, usage and current contracts but typically average 7-8%. These savings go straight to your bottom line.